Dear friends,

It’s the day after Christmas and Erica and I just returned from our annual traditional Christmas celebration. You see, we do it differently than other people. I like to reverse-engineer things. I would prefer not stressing before Christmas by fighting crowds, paying too much and then hoping I got Erica exactly what she wants.

My gift to Erica for Christmas is that after Christmas we go shopping. Everything is on sale (a plus), she picks out everything she wants, and I don’t have to stress because I know she is going to be happy. Since I already have everything I want (Erica, Sterling, Maximus, health, wealth, and well-being), everyone wins!

How do you reverse-engineer a business? Not to beat a dead horse… here are some observations. We stopped at three stores at the mall today. Two for business and one out of curiosity. We stopped by The Apple Store, Louis Vuitton, and the Microsoft Store. You can probably guess where Erica’s gift came from. I stopped by the MS store out of curiosity since it looked exactly like the Apple Store right down to the displays and the staff’s uniforms. The MS store was dead, the AS was packed. The AS is always packed. No recession there ever.

Create valuable offerings. Find a massive steady stream of qualified customers. Your success is guaranteed! It really is that simple.

I have been in semi-retirement since Erica became pregnant with Sterling. I am coming out of retirement like a star ship on warp speed. Moving faster than a long-tailed cat in a rocking chair factory. More running water than a submarine with screen…. You get it.

Starting January 20th I will be accumulating 5,000 paid customers per week, every week. On March 19th that number grows to 15,000-25,000 PER WEEK! Contracts are signed; it’s certain.

That is so many new paid customers I cannot manage them alone. I have been working on this for over 2 years. The front end alone will make me the largest company of its kind in the history of my business. I would like to share some of the back-end with my best students and people who love business development and personal development training.

To assist me I have contracted the founder of the biggest business coaching company on the planet. His name is Brad Sugars and the company is Action Coach.

Brad is an extremely fascinating guy whose success speaks for itself:

Author of 15 books on business success.
Founder and CEO of the largest business coaching company in the world with over 1,000 offices and hundreds of millions in revenue.
Personal ownership over his lifetime in over 50 separate businesses.

The list goes on.

Brad has been in the business of coaching business owners, buying and flipping businesses, and training business coaches for years. I have convinced him to let me interview him this Sunday, December 30th at 6pm PST.

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On the interview you will learn:

– How to instantly generate additional revenue in your existing business. (Most will overlook this)

– Why buying and selling a business is 100X more profitable than real estate. (And less risky)

– How you could be earning $2,000 per week in four hours of your time, week after week.

– How to get started immediately generating massive passive income from people you already do business with.

Plus just for registering for the interview I will give you a gift worth $1,500!

That’s right, my pre-release of my “Automated Prosperity Systems” program
of audios, templates, workbooks and more designed to help take any
business to the next level.

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In addition I will be sharing more details with you regarding my new program that will generate 5,000 new paid customers every week. It also ramps up to 15,000-25,000 customers per week in March. I will let you know how a select number of people are going to be chosen to make huge easy money on the front end and huge money on the back-end by becoming my inner circle of top tier partners.

I have been working on this for over 2 years. IT’S HAPPENING NOW. You really want to be on this call. The info on the call could change your business life for ever. The opportunities I will be sharing are monumental.

Imagine making hundreds and even thousands of dollars giving away something for free.

Imagine a continuous stream of clients that are paying you thousands of dollars every week.

Imagine being on the ground floor of the largest business and personal development breakthrough in the history of our business.

Imagine learning how to purchase a business for nothing down and flipping that business for many times what you paid for it.

Make the last real working day of 2012 be the biggest reason 2013 is your best year ever. Register now so I can send you a reminder of the interview. Plus, when you do, you will instantly receive that $1,500 gift.

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It’s time it’s your time; wouldn’t you agree?

I am looking forward to sharing time with you this Sunday. It’s not for everyone. It’s for people who want and need 2013 to be their best year ever.

Marshall Sylver

P.S.: A limited number of people will be selected to be on the ground floor of an opportunity that will make them hundreds and even thousands of dollars weekly giving away something for free. They will also have the chance to make thousands of dollars every week with just a few hours of their time. You want it, you need it, you must take action now.

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