Have you ever been so excited about the certainty of making money you couldn’t sleep?

I remember when my infomercial launched and I did over $120,000,000 in sales.

Every night when I went to sleep I would check the sales.

The system had an audible alert so I could hear a ping every time a sale was made. The product sold for around $100 and during it’s peak we would do a couple thousand a night which meant that the pings were pretty much non-stop.

I used to turn the volume up so I could hear it from the office to the bedroom. It was loud, it kept me awake, and I loved it! Even before the infomercial launched I knew it was going to be huge. During the couple of months before I finished it I couldn’t sleep because I knew things were going to change.

Well… It’s happening again! (And you have the chance to profit with me…)

I just signed a huge contract that will end up making me half a
million to a few million dollars every week.

YES, EVERY WEEK! It’s even got me wide eyed.

The great thing is I can handle the “few millions a week” of business.

It’s the additional business that I personally just cannot handle on my own… so I would like to share the wealth with you.

I really don’t want to leave what could be hundreds of millions on the table.

That’s where you come in.

I am doing an update/interview call on this Sunday December 30th at 6pm PST.

The update is how my project can profit you big time. The interview is with someone who is an integral part of this project/opportunity.

The project roll out starts in January and fully ramps up March 19th.

I have been working on this for over two years.

*** Here is why your future depends on you being on the phone call on Sunday. ***

I am about to generate 5,000 new paid customers per week starting the end of January.

This will go up to 15,000+ in March.

These people will want training, products, investments and more. They will be people who want to sell their business, go into a business or want coaching.

There are so many opportunities for a few of my loyal and elite students that my head is spinning.

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The first part of the call I will give you all the details of my new $100,000,000+ contract and what it means to you.

The second part of the call is the educational portion. During this section I will be interviewing Brad Sugars. He is author of 15 books, founded and owns the largest business coaching company in the world grossing hundreds of millions of dollars, and he has personally owned all or a portion of over 50 business.

Brad knows his stuff.

The educational part of the call will teach three primary things:

– How to use a business coach to multiply your profits immediately

– How to buy and sell a business for massive profits (It’s 100X more profitable than real estate)

– How you can be earning $500 per hour or more as a business coach

It’s going to be 90 minutes you want to make time for. There is something for everyone.

Since most people will be celebrating on New Year’s Eve it is the last real work day of 2012.

I know you have the time available and I know you are worth it.

Register now so I can send you reminders on Sunday.

The response to this has of course been huge. I cannot get a bigger conference room at this point and we are almost full. Register now.

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Let’s be giddy together,

Marshall Sylver

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