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Certainty Inc.’s First Million program is designed to teach you what professors cannot teach you in any college anywhere. You’ll learn real-world, present-day strategies for growing your small business or entrepreneurial endeavor from where it is now to a seven-figure or better producer. Since times change and what worked yesterday doesn’t necessarily work today the course content is always changing and can be different every time you attend.

If you already have a Vehicle of Wealth that you love, First Million will help you identify the best ways to monetize. If you don’t have a Vehicle of Wealth, First Million will show you the number one, highest, profitability, and the fastest wealth-creating vehicle you can start using right now to generate huge amounts of cash!!!

Here is some of what you will learn at the ever-changing and ever-adapting program:

Personality Traits of Seven-Figure Annual Earners

When you do what millionaires do, you will produce what millionaires produce: MILLIONS!

Creating Massive Personal Charisma.

You will learn the ability to walk into a room and instantly command respect, attraction and attention. This portion of the program alone is worth more than the entire investment. Learn what politicians, entertainers, and billionaires do to move the masses and make fortunes.

Priority Management

It’s not about how hard or how long you work; it’s about what got done. If you find yourself working endless hours with nothing to show for it, then a lack of priority management is the culprit. At First Million you will learn how to get more done in less time and how to let go of MWAs (Minimum Wage Activities) and shift your focus to IGAs (Income Generating Activities).

Endless Customer Attraction

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your customers begging to buy from you? Wouldn’t you love to know where to find your most TRE (Target Rich Environment)? Do you want to know how to identify better-framed and better-qualified prospects? Now you can. First Million will teach you how to identify and attract the right type of customers for your business and how to fire the ones that are wasting your time and keeping you broke. Find out how to actually get paid to advertise and to get paid when they buy from you.

Irresistible Influence

At Turning Point you learned the foundations of Influence. At First Million you are going to learn exact language patterns and gambits. You are going to witness live onstage demonstrations of the deepest levels of influence and how to take total control of any selling environment. The most important skill in generating your First Million is the ability to sell. Learn the skills of Irresistible Influence and you can have anything. If you don’t learn these skills now, you’ll proceed at your own peril.

Leading Small Teams

Making money does not mean working harder. It means hiring, training and cultivating effective teams. Knowing who to hire and who to fire is only part of the plan. At First Million, you will learn the foundation skills of leadership since making money means you are certainly going to have to learn how to inspire small teams to do the work that is below a millionaire’s pay grade.

Presentation Skills

Next to influence, your ability to make millions is directly tied to your ability to communicate to large numbers of people. Presenting your concept, service, product or idea for acceptance or purchase is paramount to breaking into the seven-, eight-, and nine-figure levels of income and beyond. Whether you are a novice or a pro, First Million will up your public speaking game to the next level.


It is essential to focus your attention on tasks that are the highest and best use of your time. The world has shrunk and there are plenty of people who are begging for employment for pennies on the dollar. It’s good for you, it’s good for them, and it’s good for the economy. Virtual Assistants, putting jobs out for bid, and creating competition amongst freelancers are only a few of the powerful skills you will learn in this portion of the program.

Achilles Heels

It is not just what you need to do; it is often what you need to stop doing, which can make the difference between being a drop-tired pauper, and an energized multimillionaire. When you attend your First Million, you will learn what has been getting in the way and what you need to stop doing now.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The advances of technology allow us to get so much done with so little effort when we use them. If the competition is using the latest greatest technology and you are not, they will have an unfair advantage. Every First Million program will demonstrate new, powerful and even fun technological breakthroughs that are helping paupers become millionaires and helping millionaires become billionaires. You can either jump on or be left behind.

Internet Marketing Now

Nothing is changing faster than the ways the Internet can be used to build a business. Every time you attend your First Million, Certainty Inc. will bring you new trainers and cutting-edge marketers that are making millions online and offline. These instructors are products of the products and will help you catch up to what is working today online.

Certainty Inc. knows it’s important for you to be able to make your money any way you want to. Come find how out how it’s possible to make your First Million happen now!!!

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