Have you always wanted to be a coach?
How about I do the majority of the heavy lifting?


With our ever-changing world, you have to keep up with the moving parts.

Now you can.

For over 36 years I have been teaching people how to grow their business’ and get everything they want in their lives.

I have created strategic alliance partnerships with many different educational companies and consistently been their top closer too.

I am going to certify a limited number of Satellite Trainers to host remote events in their own locations.

Simply put, there is no better environment to learn than a live event.

Virtual alone doesn’t cut it as there are too many variables and distractions.

Both effectiveness of the training, and the backend sales are impacted.

We’re about to create the best of both worlds.

How much money you ask?

Based on 36 years of experience it could be $10,000 to $50,000 every event.

Could be nothing too, as it will come down to the quality of the people at your satellite event.

I will teach you how to both promote the events, and how to qualify the attendees.


$174,000 in sales

at 30% commission is:

$52,200 commission

Second month could be the same, plus
second tier at twice that.

I will prepare you with two days of training live with me.

I will handle your lodging, lunch, and dinner.

The only real work from you is actively inviting people to the event.

If you sell the ticket, you keep the money.

If you give it away you get the backend commissions two levels deep.

How awesome is that?!

I am Marshall Sylver.

I am known to be the top closer on the planet from the live stage and webinar screen.

I have done over $500,000,000 in direct sales from my products alone.

I have helped other business owners do over $1,000,000,000 in sales combined.

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